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BJP shall be responsible for any harm to Harsh Dev: JKNPP




Jammu,  Sep 26: Anticipating a threat of physical harm to Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister, Panthers Party accused BJP of resorting to politics of intimidation and suppression to quell the voice of its leader who has been exposing the Saffron party on all fronts. “Mr. Harsh Dev Singh who is still under house arrest has been receiving threat calls from BJP goons of physical elimination for quite some time. “Such act of cowardice will not deter us from unveiling the truth and exposing the omissions

and commissions of BJP before the people. If any physical harm is inflicted on Mr. Singh, the BJP shall be squarely held responsible for it”, cautioned Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh State Secretary JKNPP. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today. Addressing the media, Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh divulged that earlier there were several instances where the BJP leaders and activists went hammer and tongs against the Panthers Party and hurled choicest of abuses upon Mr. Harsh Dev Singh in public meetings. “They openly threatened to kill him. During one of the instances, a BJP activist fearlessly shouted ‘Isko Zinda Nahin rehne denge’ while hurling threat to liquidate him in a public meeting. A video of the speech retained by the party bears the testimony”, Gagan said. He further divulged that on several occasions the BJP workers were overheard by the local people to eliminate Mr. Singh. He said plethora of complaints of hurling abuses and life threats were lodged with the police but no culprit had been booked under law so far.

Lambasting the BJP for stooping to low grade politics, Mr. Gagan Pratap reminisced that in one of the shocking incidents in the past, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh and his wife were brutally attacked by the BJP goons while he was on the way to address a public meeting in his constituency. “The ruffians blocked the road, stopped their vehicle and assaulted both of them in full public view. While Mrs. Singh was pushed on the ground, Mr. Harsh Dev was dragged ruthlessly by the goons causing serious injuries to him”, revealed Gagan. He said since the fringe elements enjoyed the political patronage of the BJP leaders, the police refused to take cognizance of the incident despite duly lodged complaints. Moreover, the notorious characters even posted filthy abuses against him and his wife on the social media to cause provocation but despite producing the print outs of the posts before the police authorities, the culprits were still moving scot free. Further aggravated over the suppressive measures adopted by the Govt. to place Mr. Singh under house arrest for the last 53 days, Gagan wondered why the person with nationalist and secular credentials could be kept under detention. “Rumours were agog that BJP is resorting to ‘state terror’ to muzzle his voice which he has been raising to expose the Saffron wrong doings. “We had opposed the BJP for its brazen surrenders, acts of betrayals, deceit and subterfuge. Since, we being a solitary opposition cornering BJP on every front, the latter could go to any extent to satiate its political vendetta”, said Gagan. He said that BJP was acting as judge, jury and executioner and using power to get rid of anyone it chose. 

Don’t hold democracy hostage by adopting such unconstitutional and coercive measures. Suppressing the boil shall blow the lid off the kettle, warned Gagan.  

 S. Parmjeet Singh Marshall, State President – PTU, Partap Singh Jamwal, Vice President Young Panthers and Adv. Anoop Singh were also present in the press conference.





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