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People weary of govt’s flip flop over internet ban: Harsh Dev




Jammu,  Sep 24: “With the mobile internet services having been blocked in the Jammu region for the past 51 days since August 5, the govt had failed to come up with any convincing explanation for the said ban”, said Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. He lamented that restoration of said services was ordered for a day but snapped again by taking the flimsy ground of

technical snags. And subsequently the govt started taking the plea of security concerns and national interest which are often used as overriding mantras by govt to justify any of its authoritarian moves, he added. He said that helmsmen had once again rendered themselves as objects of ridicule by their flip flop and by making such fatuous funny and contradictory statements. It was wholly unjustified to deny such communication links to people more especially in Jammu region where the situation was completely normal and the people were feeling hostaged due to govt curbs, said Singh. He further said that under the garb of misuse of internet by anti nationals, the incumbent govt misused its powers to cover up its own incompetence and its failures to check the mischief mongerers, saboteurs and offenders of law.

Lampooning further the govt functionaries for the arbitrary and highly contemptible blanket ban on mobile internet services, Mr. Singh questioned the state govt as to who would compensate for the losses sustained by various sections of society on account of the said decision. Pointing out that the functioning of the state including various private organizations and media houses besides others had came to a grinding halt, he said that the business houses, banks and other commercial organizations in this era of digitalization had suffered immense losses worth hundreds and hundreds of crores due to govt’s unwarranted move. 

He said that online bookings, reservations, online shopping, student activities pertaining to filling up of forms, had been adversely impacted with huge sufferings caused to general masses. Besides, he added that the telecom companies had already charged several crores of rupees from lacs of subscribers as rent for using internet services for these days. 

He said that while PM Modi during his tour abroad was propagating social media as a potent weapon of social change, his colleagues in J&K were a party to the obnoxious ban imposed on internet and social media.  Flaying the highly reprobate decision of the govt, Mr. Singh said that it had conveyed a very misleading massage to the outside world about the security scenario in the state whose economy was largely dependent upon tourism and pilgrimage.

Mr. Singh further maintained that the communication blockade by the govt in the form of internet ban and the use of brute force against those who questioned its illogical and queer policies amply demonstrated the authoritarian style of functioning of the present regime.





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